The advancements in travel cameras have been incredible.

Gone are the days of the disposable camera.  Do you remember the little cameras that would only capture 24 photos or 36 photos, which had to be developed at a photo mart.

Gone are the days of the old Polaroid photos that would pop-out and you would stand around with the pictures under your arm pits until the image became less hazy.

Now we have point and shoot digital cameras with memory cards and some of the best small cameras for travel.

With the advent of digital photography, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures.

These new digital cameras are designed to be idiot proof with automatic resolution and compression, scene mode, pre-set aperture settings, shutter settings and a manual exposure mode to switch between aperture and shutter.  Everything is at your finger tips.

Add in other features like night vision photography, underwater photography, 360degree cameras, wide angle lenses, and so on.  There is a suitable camera for every situation.